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Is Mobile Proof of Delivery Software the Answer to Great On-Site Service?

Is Mobile Proof of Delivery Software the Answer to Great On-Site Service?


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Is Mobile Proof of Delivery Software the Answer to Great On-Site Service?

Oct 10, 2022

Aptean Staff Writer
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There’s no shortage of retail personalities telling us that customer-centric models are the key to success. Whether it’s Chief Executive of Marks and Spencer, Steve Rowe, saying ‘if you do the right thing for the customer it will work out in the right way’; Jeff Bezos’ claim that an ‘obsessive compulsive focus on the customer’ is the ‘secret sauce’ fueling Amazon’s success; or even Wal-Mart founder, Sam Walton’s simple declaration that ‘there is only one boss: the customer’—it’s clear that prioritizing the customer experience can deliver impressive results.

Why then, is such a pivotal customer touchpoint – the on-site delivery experience – so often overlooked outside of the world of retail?

While it may not be as cool as AI-powered visual recognition or the latest in-store experiences, ensuring that the on-site experience is as efficient as possible and satisfies all of the customers’ expectations is a vital component of excellent customer service.

For retailers that still have a bricks and mortar presence the on-site encounter represents the last stage in the customer journey and, for many pure play or online-only retailers, is the only physical contact the customer will have with the brand. It is therefore essential that it leaves a positive and lasting impression.

When it comes to field service operations the need is greater still. The technician, service agent or mobile worker is entering a customer’s home and in many cases performing a vital or sensitive task, such as repairing a boiler or providing mobile nursing services. In these circumstances, the experience not only needs to satisfy customer expectations, but also promote trust in your brand.

No matter what industry you operate in, there are many benefits of using mobile proof of delivery software, but one of the most powerful is its ability to transform your on-site customer service. Here’s how:

Remove Delivery Paperwork

The widespread adoption of mobile technology for personal use has increased customer expectations when it comes to on-site fulfilment. Your customers no longer expect to sign a crumpled piece of paper or stand on their cold doorstep waiting for a mobile worker to hand write delivery notes.

Instead, using electronic proof of delivery software removes paperwork from the on-site encounter, creating a more positive, professional and efficient customer experience. Replacing paper components with proof of delivery software improves your on-site brand image and also increases customer confidence in the fulfilment process as your driver has all delivery details to hand, including any customer provided delivery instructions.

Reduce Time Spent on Data Collection

Whether your delivery driver is just collecting a quick signature or your field service technicians need to capture more comprehensive data capture as standard, mobile proof of delivery software ensures these processes are managed in a quicker more efficient way using electronic forms and photo capture. This minimizes time spent on-site which can be particularly important for customers that have taken time away from work to accept delivery or wait for field service appointments.

Reducing time spent on site can also free up additional room in your schedule allowing you to plan more calls per day or further enhance the on-site encounter. For example, taking time to collect customer feedback or offer added-value services, such as room of choice delivery or installation services.

Ensure Process Consistency

Mobile proof of delivery software can help you provide the same great service to each of your customers. The step-by-step formatting of an ePOD app ensures process compliance across your drivers, depots and even subcontractors, helping you create a consistent brand experience. Whether that is as simple as collecting a customer satisfaction rating at the end of a delivery or taking the customer through usage instructions following an appliance installation.

Reduce Pressure on Drivers

While all of the benefits above help to make the on-site encounter a better experience for your customers, they also make mobile tasks easier for your drivers. Removing paperwork, reducing the time spent on-site and decreasing the number of processes they need to remember can all reduce the pressure on your drivers. Not only does this help satisfaction and retention rates, but it can also help them to become your best brand ambassadors and increase the chance of them delivering great customer service.

Improve Problem Resolution

With paper-based systems, customer service teams are often not aware of on-site issues until the driver returns with the paperwork or the customer gets in touch directly. Then, the service agent would need to attempt to collect the relevant information from the customer and the driver before they could begin to resolve the issue.

Instead, using mobile proof of delivery software, your driver can record all of the details about an exception while on the customer premises serving to reassure any worries that a customer may have and improve trust in your brand. Customer service agents are then able to review details in real-time and proactively contact the customer, further improving the overall delivery experience.

So, whether you’re a global retail giant or regional field service provider, it’s clear that implementing electronic proof of delivery software can help you improve your on-site customer experience and build stronger long-term customer relationships.

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