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Aptean Distribution ERP Success Story: Coast to Coast

Aptean Distribution ERP Success Story: Coast to Coast


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Aptean Distribution ERP Success Story: Coast to Coast

Apr 10, 2021


We were starting our company from the ground up. We needed the means to be able to place our orders with our vendors overseas. Be able to confidently track them as they move through the process coming here into the States. Bringing them into our warehouse, move them through our system here, just trying to be as efficient as we possibly can for our throughput.

Coast to Coast Imports as an accent furniture importer based in Memphis, Tennessee. We distribute our products primarily through furniture retailers. We also do business with some of the e-Tailers. After having had the experience of going through another ERP integration where you have consultants that come in, and you know you're gonna be spending a huge amount of money to get them to bend the software to do what you want it do, looking for a ERP vendor that would have a kind of a one-integrated solution that covers everything was vitally important.

Apprise has been able to keep up with us. It's scaled very, very well. I don't think you can put a price tag on that. I think that when we implemented the warehouse management system along with going wireless, it was a very big help. And it really helped us become more efficient as we were trying to do our throughput basically moving cartons through this warehouse and doing it competently.

We had great support and good advice and we were really prepared for it. So it made the change as easy as possible. The fact that we've been able to manage our business over the past seven years without an on-site IT person I think speaks volumes.

Apprise is just really better able to anticipate our needs. We really didn't require any major customizations and that just goes to tell you how complete the Apprise package actually is. As we have grown our business, Apprise has been there for us. Being able to get support really when you need it, it's very, very important to us, and it has helped us grow this business the most efficient way possible.

If your business is ready to leverage our purpose-built distribution ERP software like Coast to Coast, reach out to our team of experts today.

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