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Aptean Distribution ERP Success Story: Dorfman Pacific

Aptean Distribution ERP Success Story: Dorfman Pacific


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Aptean Distribution ERP Success Story: Dorfman Pacific

Apr 10, 2021


We were started in 1921, in Oakland, California. We're expanding rapidly and Apprise has helped us to be able to use the purchasing module, the sales module, expand our 3P business, also, with our shipments and our landed costs. We're using Apprise to address some of the issues with the tariffs to find out when we are importing new styles into our system are we actually getting the true landed cost?

And some of the features that they have in Apprise to be able to facilitate using 3P for our customers, as that is becoming a big market at this point. The purchasing module and also our shipping module allows us to check the shipment at all times and know exactly where that is. And so our whole company is able to know where their orders are, when they're coming in, and then it also flows all the way down from the time of sales order, to purchasing, and then all the way down to accounting.

And we're able to see the whole flow of goods and payment and what our true landed cost is for our product, to make sure that we're being competitive in the marketplace. And we're able to analyze a lot of data in Apprise. So we're able to make good decisions as far as our pricing.

One of the ways that Apprise has helped us is with the purchasing module. There's a lot of reports that we're able to pull out of Apprise, sort those and be able to manage our business better, to make sure that we're making good choices on our purchasing.

Dorfman Pacific has been in business for almost 100 years and we have had a lot of support from Apprise, as far as our growth. Dorfman Pacific's investment in Apprise has been very worthwhile. There's so much information that we're able, that's at our fingertips. Being that the system is very user-friendly, we're able to get any data that we pretty much need. We also have great support from Apprise to help our company grow and expand.

We wouldn't have been able to do some of these expansions if we didn't have the ability to analyze our business module. I feel that Apprise has always given us the support we needed. If you're thinking about changing over to Apprise, ask a lot of questions so that way you make sure you're utilizing the system to the full capability.

Apprise is a very robust system and has a lot more to offer than sometimes what you may see just at face value. So definitely ask some questions of your business model and how Apprise can help you be very cost, cost effective, and successful in your business. I would say that our experience with Apprise has been a good one. We have the support, in a busy business when you're trying to make good decisions, and being able to get the data that you need in a timely manner. Apprise is able to do that. That helps our company so we can be successful and when our customers ask for something, we're able to pull that out of our system and give them the information that they need.

I would say that Dorfman Pacific is saving money because of Apprise. With a lot of the features that are offered in Apprise, we're no longer having to do manual spreadsheets, tracking information that way. It's now done through the system. We have great reports in Apprise that it makes it very helpful when we're analyzing data. I definitely would recommend Apprise to other people in our field. I've used other ERP systems and they are not as robust and as user-friendly, and in a busy world, that's very important. Time is money.

Is your organization ready to leverage an industry-specific distribution ERP like Dorfman Pacific does? If so, contact our team of experts today.

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