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Aptean Distribution ERP Success Story: Over and Back

Aptean Distribution ERP Success Story: Over and Back


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Aptean Distribution ERP Success Story: Over and Back

Apr 10, 2021


Everyone in our industry or other industries that service these big retailers will tell you they all have the same challenges: You don't want to worry about your software. You want a company that's progressive enough to be changing with their needs and demands as they come up or even before they come up.

Over and Back is an importer and distributor of tabletop housewares. We distribute to large retailers. We source goods in the Far East in China and Hong Kong. We also source goods in Europe. We distribute all over the world. One of the biggest challenges we had was warehouse controls. We had different types of warehousing needs for different types of customers.

Another thing was getting data out and analyzing in a way that we needed to look at it. Whatever challenges I had, Apprise seemed to have an answer for. I love the way that the import process flowed right through receipts into accounts payable and everything was tied together to eliminate mistakes of payments.

EDI is vital to our business today and to have it integrated in our packet is a big plus for us. To be able to seamlessly bring the orders in and process and send documents and data back out to our customers is vital. From China all the way to California and everywhere in between, we're all on the same database, we're all sharing the same live up-to-date data.

Exporting data from our old system into our new system was pretty seamless because we were prepared. We were able to get online pretty quickly without doing any major customizations. Apprise is able to handle our business right out of the gate.

A lot of the times when we need something changed or a customer has a new demand. It's usually already built into Apprise and we can just turn it on. To meet the demands of today's retailers, it's great to have a collaborative team. They're always there to help and answer our questions. We've been on Apprise for over eight years, and I really feel like we've become more partners than customer and provider.

If your business wants to utilize our industry-specific distribution ERP software like Over and Back, contact us today to get started.

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