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Aptean Distribution ERP Success Story: Horizon Group USA

Aptean Distribution ERP Success Story: Horizon Group USA


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Aptean Distribution ERP Success Story: Horizon Group USA

Apr 10, 2021


Horizon is the premier supplier of craft and activity kits into the mass merchant and craft marketplace. We design the product in the US. The product is sourced usually, mainly out of China, but also out of Pakistan and the Philippines, and we have US suppliers as well, and then distributed out of the RDC in the US.

We've been in business since about 1912 in various iterations and we're continuing to grow and trying to expand our marketplace, both in the US and internationally. In 2010, we experienced some really explosive growth and that's what prompted our look for other ERP systems. So some of the main factors we were looking for is ease of installation and something that would match our business model and match our way of operating.

And that was what was attractive about Apprise, because of its consumer product and focus. It basically matched our business model almost exactly. We have better visibility into our margins, into our costs. We're able now to analyze and predict from a cashflow perspective, how much will be going out, how much will be coming in.

The wealth of data that we are able to extrapolate from this system is just incredible. I think the overall visibility within the business then is a huge win. We're much more cognizant of where we are from an inventory perspective now than we were in the past. We're much more cognizant of where our inventory projections are going to be.

We're able to give more accurate projections for financial purposes of how much cash we're going to need, how much cash will be coming in, how much cash will be going out? How much have we used of a particular vendor? Who are our key vendors? Who are vendors that are not not supplying us in the way, in the manner that we want?

Who's on time? Who's not on time? These are all things that we were capable of getting in the past. But it required extensive work, a lot of manpower and a lot of analysis. And now we're basically able to pull that information out of the system almost effortlessly.

The fact that Apprise is focused in on our business model, that they are a consumer product, good business that is focused on servicing consumer product goods, companies that are in our business model of sourcing and distribution, is incredibly important.

That we know we have a partner as opposed to someone who's selling in various different areas. And that's the type of benefit that we're getting out of this, out of this relationship that we have with the organization and the relationship we have with the software is that as we approach challenges, we can go to them and they come back to us and working with us as a collaborator and as a partner, which is a great win for us.

If your business is ready to leverage our purpose-built distribution ERP software like Horizon Group USA, reach out to us today.

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