LV= Leverages Aptean Respond to Excel in Compliance and Customer Care

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Customer Experience, Case Study, Aptean Respond


Businesses are currently being asked to manage a lot, all at once, and with real-time data. LV= is a mutual protection, savings and retirement provider, who felt the pressures of not just complaint management but various other customer requests as well. So they began to leverage Aptean Respond as not just a solution for complaint management but also compliance and customer care.

A business that used to manually log complaints and updates now remains competitive within a market that is constantly becoming more digitalized. With Saas offerings, robust reporting, and collaboration, Aptean Respond provides LV= with a solution to support its business’ growth.

Read about their complaints management success in our latest case study, Complaints Management Excellence for Compliance and Customer Care. Jenny Briars, manager of their team, describes how Aptean Respond modernized their complaint management process, giving their customers the best form of service. In this case study, you will learn about LV=’s success with:

  • Digitalizing complaints management
  • Improving customer service
  • Robust reporting
  • Migrating to Saas

Would you like to explore how Aptean Respond can digitalize your complaints management process? Reach out to us today.