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Aptean Distribution ERP

Aptean Distribution ERP


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Aptean Distribution ERP

Mar 29, 2021


There's a revolution happening in the supply chain industry. Vast numbers of shoppers are moving from traditional retail locations to online ordering. Rather than purchasing at nearby stores, they are having items shipped directly to their homes. To remain competitive in this new world consumer goods importers and distributors must also change.

From shipping full pallets and truckloads to fulfilling single orders and sending them directly to consumers. Aptean Distribution ERP is an all-in-one system, designed to handle all of the challenges of doing business with retailers like direct-to-consumer shipping, retailer compliance, chargeback management and more.

Leverage the solutions profitability scorecard to analyze activities across customers, products and suppliers and get a clear view of your profitability. Drill down to investigate the story behind the numbers all the way to the transaction level.

Aptean Distribution ERP also includes built-in EDI with real-time transmissions and an integrated mapper to give you full control from one central location. An integrated WMS includes all the traditional functionality you expect as well as features to support the emerging direct to consumer market, such as small parcel shipping integration, address validation, retailer specific packing slips and more.

Take advantage of automated distribution resource planning and forecasting tools to optimize purchasing decisions, decrease long lead times, improve container management and calculate landed costs. Generic ERPs require extensive customization or a third party plug-in to meet the needs of consumer goods importers and distributors.

Discover a system built specifically to reduce costs, improve speed and increase profits - Aptean Distribution ERP. To learn more please contact us today.

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